Confused Caring for Signage So as Not Damaged? Do it 3 ways!

The use of signage is not only used as a promotional media or marketing method, but also as the identity of an agency, community, and a company. Therefore, the making needs to be carefully thought out because later signage that is installed will form an image or picture of that identity. To make it unique and able to attract a lot of people’s attention, signage installation strategies do not stop until they think of beautiful shapes and how to install them. You must be careful in choosing a quality signage service that suits your needs. One of the best and recommended signage services is NORDIKSIGN.

However, you also need to take care of the signage so that it is durable, can be used for long-term use, and still has an attractive appearance as when it was first installed. For example, if the signage is left dirty and damaged, it will affect the image of the company itself. So, maybe other people who see it will think twice about using services or inviting cooperation with you.

How to Maintain Signage

Clean the Raindrops

Rain is one factor that can affect the appearance and quality of signage. Because raindrops are corrosive and destructive, rainwater that settles on the signage layer will cause rust and cause water droplets to appear dirty and no longer beautiful. So that does not happen to your signage, clean it every time it is exposed to rain. Flush the signage with clean water then dry using a clean, dry cloth. You can also provide a hood or put a plate above the signage to protect it from raindrops. If you have more budget for signage installation, ask the manufacturer for anti-rust so you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning raindrops.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Actually, there is no special way to treat signage other than maintaining cleanliness. This is indeed a feature of this one form of promotional media, because, in addition to affordable signage prices, the way to maintain it is not complicated. To do routine maintenance, you only need to clean it approximately every two weeks.

Every day the signage that you install will certainly accumulate dust and dirt. Therefore, you need to clean it so that the signage still looks good and attractive. Choose the right cleanser to remove stubborn dust and dirt. Use special cleaning fluids that are suitable for signage that does not contain many chemicals. Actually, only using clean water is enough for routine maintenance, but sometimes you also need to clean it with cleaning fluid. Look for signage-specific cleaning liquids in stores. When using the liquid, make sure you use gloves.

Don’t Use a Floor Cleaning Liquid

Never use floor cleaning fluid in your signage care. Even though floor cleaning fluid liquid can make a lot of things shiny, it can damage signage and make it look dull. In addition, floor cleaning fluid can also erode your signage layer. The use of floor cleaning fluid is also not recommended for treating signage. Because the liquid can cause mold that will later cause stains and is difficult to clean. Never pour cleaning fluid that is specific to marble because it can make the signage layer rust quickly.