11 Types of Building Paint Based on Their Purpose

When buying paint in a building shop, you may be faced with various types of paint choices. Some are waterproof, mildew resistant, suitable for iron, can only be used for wood, and others.

If you are looking for the right and best painter who can produce satisfying results, you can call the MALERKANONEN. After discussing the type of building paint based on the coating above, let’s understand the various paints according to their purpose below.

  1. Alkyd Synthetic Paint

Alkyd synthetic building paint types you can use for the exterior and interior of the house. The nature of this paint is shiny. The advantages themselves are:

  • Durable.
  • Strong for all kinds of weather.
  • Mushroom free.
  • it can be daubed on wood or iron.
  1. Primary Zinc Chromate Paint

If you want to paint an iron fence, then make a choice on the primary zinc chromate type. Primer for this metal material can keep the fence from corrosion. The iron fence becomes more durable thanks to this paint.

  1. Type of Duco Paint

You’ve heard the term cat Duco, right? This is not for cars, but one type of building paint. But indeed, Duco paint is commonly used to coat the surface of a car. Duco is often also referred to as putty paint to smooth the surface of metal or wood.

  1. Type of Acrylic Styrene Emulsion Paint

Asbestos, concrete, concrete, plastering, and plywood materials can be colored with styrene-acrylic paint. This paint is said to protect the material from water.

  1. Epoxy paint

This type of epoxy building paint has very strong resin content. So this paint can be used to protect various building materials. Epoxy paint is generally sticky. Meanwhile, there are three types of epoxy that are commonly used, namely:

  • Epoxy glue.
  • Epoxy injection.
  • Epoxy putty.
  1. Melamine paint

The exterior of houses that use wood can be daubed using melamine paint. This paint contains alkyd and amino resin so that it can smooth, flatten, and make wood last longer. Meanwhile, the results of melamine paint tend to be glossy.

  1. Polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paint is often referred to as PU paint. This type of building paint is a type commonly used for glossy finishing. The quality is premium and able to withstand the brunt of heat and chemicals. As a result, the material painted in this paint will be scratch resistant, strong, and hard.

  1. Paint Remover

Want to replace the paint on the wall or other parts of the house? Before applying new paint, peel off the old layer with a paint remover. Paint remover is an emulsion of various chemicals that can make old paint peel. Using this paint, you don’t need to scrape or sand the walls until the paint is completely gone.

  1. Types of Building Wall Sealer Paint

As mentioned above, there are several types of paint that are often used as a wall base. One such paint is a type of wall sealer. Its function is to make the pores of the wall filled so that the results become smoother. The final painting process is easy to do.

  1. Stoving paint

The next type of finishing paint is stoving paint. Rarely used for personal use, paint stoving is more commonly used for industries such as electronics, gas cylinders, and other metal materials. Why is that? Because the best results after the object are painted will appear if it is roasted first.

  1. Type of Thermoplastic Paint

Similar to stoving paint, thermoplastic paint is not used for buildings. This paint is used to color road markings because it has a hot nature and is not easy to peel off.