What are the essential documental requirements for a tourist visa to Australia?


Australia has grown as an ideal tourist spot in the recent years. People from different countries have chosen this beautiful city for a number of reasons. Aside from having amazing weather throughout the year, there are a bunch of different activities that the tourists can enjoy. However, in order to enjoy the beauty of Australia, there are certain legal requirements that need to be fulfilled accordingly. Amongst them, the most important one is to apply for a tourist visa. There are certain 457 and 482 visa requirements in Australia that you must be familiar with.

There are a number of different documents that need to be submitted in order to apply for the visa. There are certain guidelines that need to kept in mind while applying for the visa. The tourist agency will then check your eligibility criteria to see if they can allow you to have a trip to the country. Let’s have a look at some of the primary documents required for the visa application;

  1. International Passport: It goes without saying that passport is one of the primary documents that everyone would require to travel globally. The passport is basically an assurance given by the home country approving the identity and nationality of the person. There are two specific things that your passport must have;
  2. It must be legitimate and in a soft copy format.
  3. There must not be any kind of extra written stuff on the passport.
  4. It must not be damaged or torn in any way.
  5. Photograph of the traveler: Although this does not come under the category of documents, but it is still an important aspect of the overall procedure. The major mistake that people tend to make here is that they keep those photographs that were taken a long time ago. This might cause a problem at the check through as a person might change with the passage of time. Make sure you get your latest photo so that there are no hindrances on your way.
  6. Air ticket: An air ticket is an affirmation that is issued to the traveler so that he can show this on his way throughout the journey. An air ticket is essential for all parts of journey and misplacement of air ticket can cause severe problems for the traveler.
  7. Itinerary: This might come as a surprise to some, but itinerary is a very important document for your journey. It is basically a travel document that contains all the details of the journey, i.e. the travel schedule, the date and arrival of the airplane, etc.
  8. Authority Letter: Although this might not be a necessary requirement, but it is advisable to have one just in case. An authority letter is basically an allowance given by the traveler to some friend or acquaintance to take decisions on their behalf in their absence.
  9. Bank Statement: It is one of the mandatory requirements for a visa process. The bank statement acts as a collateral which the agencies go through in order to check if the traveler can actually manage the expenses in case of unforeseen circumstances.