Quick Cash Loans and How to Qualify for Them

Everyone experiences hardship in life at some point. Quick cash loans are an excellent solution to many of those hardships. They include fast-cash loans like payday advances, installment loans, title loans, pawn loans, and other such help. What’s common about all those loans is that a borrower can usually get them within 24 hours. Here’s what you’ll need if you desire to qualify for such an advance:

A Stable Job

You’ll need to have a stable source of income to qualify for most quick cash loans. Some companies only accept applicants who have regular jobs, while others accept income like disability and unemployment. You must be gainfully employed for a minimum of 90 days in many cases. These businesses have the requirements in place to ensure that they get their money back. The companies that take collateral may not be that stringent about their employment requirements because they have the property to fall back on if something goes wrong with the advance.

A Decent Income

Lenders will want to feel comfortable with your income before they issue MaxLend loans as well. Each lender has its own requirements. However, many lenders want their applicants to earn at least $1,500 in one month so that they can repay the advance with no issues. Lenders offer various amounts. The typical payday loan can range from $100 to about $1,500 and sometimes more. Installment loans may go up to $3,000. Title loans vary depending on the vehicle’s value and can be much higher than the other options if the borrower has a high-value car.

A Valid Bank Account

A valid bank account is crucial for you to have if you want to borrow cash from a quick cash lender. They will most likely send the cash to your bank account and then use the same account to retrieve their funds. Your bank account should be at least 90 days old, and it needs to be in the country where you live and where you are borrowing the advance. Additionally, the account should have a positive amount of money in it and be free from overdrafts and issues. The lender will verify the bank account before making the decision to provide you with the funds.


A quick cash loan requires the borrower to sign the contract. A signature on the agreement means that you have read and understood the terms stated in the contract and agree with them. Therefore, you must be at least 18 years of age in most places to sign a contract. You must also have identification that proves you are 18 and can sign a contract for the funds you desire. Usually, a driver’s license and social security card will be sufficient. They may take other forms of ID if you do not have those documents for some reason.

A Clean Slate

You’ll need a clean slate if you want to obtain an advance from a quick cash lender. Therefore, you need to be sure that you don’t have any outstanding payday loans before reading the MaxLend reviews and applying for a loan through the company. Payday lenders report their borrowers when they default, preventing other lenders from offering them quick cash loans. However, you can resolve your issue by contacting the party you owe. Alternatively, you can use a different quick cash option if you don’t have time to resolve the other issue before taking care of your emergency.

You can search for a fast cash advance for yourself if you meet all of the criteria mentioned above. You can then handle your emergency with urgency and be at peace afterward.