Get your office and business ready for 2021

Is your business ready for 2021? Are your staff prepared for a bumper year of production, sales, and service levels?

Brexit has arrived. COVID-19 is still with us for another while, and yet customers are still demanding new products and services.

Many businesses will face stiff challenges in 2021, but each challenge is an opportunity to streamline their business. It is also a time to diversify your sales stock, fill your stationery cupboard, and get your office space geared up and ready for a busy 2021. You’ll come across Coolshop in your searches for office supplies and by reading their reviews you’ll know what type of products will best suit your office’s and business’ needs. You can also read office services reviews for the tips and insights from other real-world customers of the types of services you can make use of 2021 to cut your office costs.

Aside from the political and health situations and protocols, businesses in the United Kingdom need to update their important data and reports with Companies House to comply with post-Brexit regulations. This affects businesses formed as an entity under European Union law; United Kingdom business with an EEA corporate officer; United Kingdom companies involved in cross-border mergers; UK businesses registered as EEA companies.

That’s for the accountants to worry about. For rest of us, we can get to the nitty gritty of preparing our offices with the greatest and latest gadgets and accessories to make for a better 2021.

1) Portable Laptop Charger:

A portable laptop charger will free you from working near a power supply. Sometimes, you’re working from a coffee shop or even inside your car near a client’s offices to prepare a few emails, and your laptop’s battery power is fast-reducing to 5{e62b1cc2c5bcb08685dcb5ff2d86b655fc12088eb661ce7b3449471223946b50}. A portable laptop charger is the exact same thing as a portable power bank for your smartphone and other USB-powered devices in your home and office. It means your laptop’s power can be practically doubled or tripled without the power-anxiety crushing feeling of being away from a power socket.

2) Work From Home Laser Printer:

Many of us are working from home since the novel coronavirus pandemic swept across the United Kingdom. From printing shipping labels, work spreadsheets, timetables, to shopping lists, and school projects, a home laser printer is indispensable to the home office. These don’t have to cost a lot of money. Make sure the replacement ink cartridges are affordable. Sometimes, a cheap laser printer’s replacement ink cartridges can total more than the printer itself. Rather go for a slightly more expensive model with cheaper replacement cartridges.

3) Multi-Hub USB Port:

Our laptops and computers usually only come with 2 USB ports. However, we have 10 different devices that require USB inputs to power them up to use them, or we need to use them to transfer and access files such as on thumb drives. A USB hub with 4 or more USB ports can greatly improve your workflow and efficiency. These can also recharge devices thanks to their USB-C properties.