Best Travel Credit Cards of 2019

You remember the crucial rule for trips preparation, don’t you? It is not to forget the money and documents; the rest can be purchased on the spot. Nowadays, everything is even easier. That’s why the vast majority of travelers bring little cash to journey. That’s very convenient for you don’t have to store piles of money in your suitcase and worry about their safety. All financial issues can be solved with travel credit cards. Moreover, it is rather convenient and safer to travel with it discovering new countries. The main thing is to choose the right card that will suit you. Here are some tips on this.

Advantages of a credit card for international travel

What are the advantages of a bank card over cash? Let us examine the points:

  1. Security. Everything is obvious: preserving your money is much safer in the bank — the electronic account. Even if your card is stolen or lost, you will not lose your savings on vacation. In this case, it is needed to contact the bank and block the funds on the card at once. It’s a good idea to bring two new travel credit cards — the one for preserving the vast part of the money, the other for small purchases.
  2. Which credit card is best for travel? Cards are accepted all over the world. You do not need to look for an exchanger with the card which can pay almost everywhere. You can also book a hotel in advance and book excursions as well over it.
  3. Ability to manage your funds. Now almost all banks have mobile applications whereby money can be transferred from card to another in just two clicks additional insurance in the case of lost is implied).

Bonuses and best travel credit card deals. Favorite item. 

Paying with a credit card is actually profitable. Here is what you can get:

  • Сashback, when the client returns a certain percentage of each purchase (averagely 1-2{e62b1cc2c5bcb08685dcb5ff2d86b655fc12088eb661ce7b3449471223946b50}).
  • Miles — when paying with a card, accumulate points which are miles, which allow purchasing tickets from partner companies of the bank. Just do not forget to find out how many miles are earned in your case for they burn, if not used in a certain time.
  • Travel insurance. Such services are now provided by many banks. Keep in mind that the policy is often valid only if the trip was paid for by the best travel credit card on which the insurance was issued.
  • Services of partner companies. You can get discounts in shops, restaurants, beauty salons, book hotels on preferential terms.
  • Premium card features. Premium cards are issued by payment systems (the most common Visa and MasterCard) and emphasize the status of the owner. It’s the same discount or additional banking services but having a somewhat higher standard. For example, the Concierge service will help to book tickets to the theatre or to book a yacht for the weekend. And these cards often give increased cashback and a good percentage of the balance on the account.

Why is it preferable to take credit cards for a vacation?

It’s simple — it’s mostly about safety. Additional funds will be your insurance in case of unforeseen situations. The advantage of credit cards is that you can spend more than originally expected. Troubles may occur, and it is especially important to be confident in your financial security in a foreign country. Additional costs may not be associated with trouble. Sometimes, it is almost impossible to calculate all the costs thoroughly. It is unpredictable. We all have dreams and passions, and that may compel us to make spontaneous purchases — and a credit card is a perfect helper in such cases.

Another advantage of a credit card is the opportunity to block some amount at the time of booking. Hotels and car rental companies do it quite frequently. The absence of this part of finances will not hinder— blocking will happen at the expense of credit funds.