Ways to Invest When You Don’t Have Money

One of the conditions you can invest is to have money. But, it doesn’t close the possibility for you to still be able to invest. You only need to know the ‘rules of the game’. Even though the amount of money you invest a little, you also have to know the risks and opportunities that you will meet later.

Investment is not a field to seek wealth, even though many wealthy investors actually. Useful investment to maintain your financial stability. Although it can’t make billions of dollars, low-risk investments can still save you from poverty in the future.
Planned savings. Many banks have savings plans. This program is perfect for those of you who have difficulty setting aside money to save and invest. To be able to invest, you have to have at least enough money to cover your living expenses for six months. Now, to collect the money, you can register yourself with one of your trust banks. Just say you want to list savings plans. Well, later, every month the bank will take money from your account to be stored for some agreed time. The amount of money is flexible, according to the agreement.

Mutual funds. After successfully raising money, then you can make an investment. We recommend that you choose a low-cost investment, such as a mutual fund. Mutual funds are one type of investment that does not require large capital. With a salary of three million you can already invest. You can even invest with only Rp 100,000 at certain banks. You only need to find out which bank information provides a small monthly contribution limit.

Exchange-traded funds or commonly known as ETFs are actually similar to mutual funds. But buying and selling transactions are carried out on the exchange, like stocks. Investing in ETFs actually
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Micro-Business Marketing Tips That Won’t Break Your Budget

Marketing is a must-do for any business whether startup or well-established. You can’t move up the business ladder if you don’t market your micro-business. But you can’t just go spending in the clouds in the name of advertising your firm, more so if you’re working on a very tight budget. Here are some practical, cheap marketing strategies that will ensure you enjoy a good return on investment.

Build a Website

A website is these days a fundamental need for every business. Good internet presence exposes you to the group of buyers that love shopping online. When someone “Googles” a product you manufacture, your company site appears as one of the results. Most times a well-designed business website increases conversion rates. You can better your website’s rating by optimizing it using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

A correctly built website has all details a buyer may need, e.g., about items, contact info, business location & hours, and offers satisfactory customer care.

Use Social Media

The whole point of advertising a firm is finding the masses, and these days social media is everyone’s ‘chill spot.’ So why don’t you join the movement and make your business part of it?

Dedicating a few dollars to improving your social media presence can help expand your startup’s bottom line a great deal. You can count on social sites that allow users/customers to leave their reviews on your business page to help you generate more traffic and convert more visitors into buyers.  Ask customers for feedback. What do they feel about your product? Always encourage informative conversations.

Add footway Signs

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How To Save Your Business Money


When it comes to having a business, where you spend your money counts. Having a successful, money-making business is all about cutting down costs and making sure that you can solve problems more efficiently. Cutting down business costs isn’t easy. It’s important to remember that when you’re looking to cut down costs, you’re not sacrificing value and the valuable employees in the meantime. If you’re looking for ways to cut down costs, keep reading for excellent tips.

The first thing you should consider when you’re looking towards saving money for your business is your utilities. It’s important to understand how much it can cost your business to run non-essential items constantly. If you’re looking to save money (and the environment!) look for energy efficient alternatives to money-sucking utilities. One of the best ways to save money in the office is to make sure that you have temperature controlled thermostat. Controlling the amount of heating and cooling that your office is constantly running is a great way to save money in your office. Not only will this save you a ton of money on utilities, but it’s also a great utilitarian way to keep your employees happy. You should also think about cutting down the costs of large appliances when they’re not in use. Even leaving a large printer on for hours at a time without being used can take up a ton of your energy costs. Take the plunge and unplug or turn off these items when they’re not in use, and save your company a ton of money in the meantime.

Another great way to save on costs for your company is to hire less experienced people at lower salaries in the beginning. Make sure that your employees have room to grow, but hiring inexperiencing people, and letting … Read More